How long will my order take to receive? ID Customs™ brand jerseys are sent directly to production and can take up to 7-15 business days for you to receive your order.

All custom orders have additional lead time to accommodate the design process.

The design process is the first segment of creating your custom products. The time frame of this segment is determined by two major factors.

The first factor is the complexity of your design. Semi-custom team orders are always recommended for the fastest turn around.

The second factor is your responsiveness to communication with our office. We encourage prompt responses to questions and proofs in order to minimize time in the design segment. The production process is the second segment of creating your custom products.

Once your order form and final art approval have been submitted, production time can vary from 7-15 business days to complete depending on the size of your order.

I have already ordered ID Customs™ jerseys, how can I Re-Order new or additional jerseys? Use our Re-Order form located on the Menu bar above.

Color changes and other modifications will be billed at $15-$50 per hour. Specifications & Sizing All ID Customs™ Jerseys are designed to the exact specifications of Professional Paintball Players. Jerseys are made from 100% Premium Polyester that features advanced moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties. Our products are dye sublimated and will not fade, crack or peel. ID Customs™ performance products are made to enhance you. We encourage you to look good, feel good, and play better. Go hard while you live in the game.

In case of a misspell or wrong size you don't have to send a jersey back we gladly to make a new one for you and will send it to you for a 10 to 15 working

In case you receive a wrong jersey from another team will send you a new label for shipping so you can put it on the Postal Service or return it to us too you don't have to pay for nothing on that we're glad doing and help you all
Sometimes the Postal Service they don't process the package or it takes a little longer this out of our hands and we trying to help them much as we can for you guys so you guys can receive your packages as soon as possible
The processing time for a New Jersey after you gays senses proof that something was wrong takes 10 to 15 working days exactly the same as the other ones just send us pictures of proof that something was wrong on the jersey and we're gladly doing a new one for you

And sorry for the inconvenience again we're gladly here to help you and we always do a new jerseys for some other players in different teams just be patient you will get your jersey as soon as possible

ID Customs™